HP Officejet d125xi - use the scan features

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use the scan features

Scanning is the process of converting text and pictures into an electronic
format for your computer. You can scan just about anything:

Text documents


Magazine articles

3D objects (be careful not to scratch the glass) to put into catalogs and

Because the scanned image or text is in an electronic format, you can bring
it into your word processor or graphics program and modify it to suit your
needs. You can do the following:

Scan text from an article into your word processor and quote it in a
report, saving you a lot of retyping.

Scan in a logo and use it in your publishing software, allowing you to
print business cards and brochures for yourself.

Scan in photos and e-mail them to coworkers and friends, create a
photographic inventory of your office or home, or create an electronic

To use the scan features, your HP OfficeJet and computer must be connected
and turned on. The HP OfficeJet software should also be installed on your
computer prior to connecting the computer to the HP OfficeJet.

If your HP OfficeJet is connected to a network, you can scan to any of the
computers that are on the network from the front panel or computer. The
other computers on the network must also have the HP OfficeJet software