HP Officejet d125xi - set the date and time

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set the date and time

You can set the date and time from the front panel. When a fax is
transmitted, the current date and time are printed along with the fax header.
The date and time format is based upon the language and country setting.

Normally the computer software sets the date and time automatically.


Press Menu.


Press 5, then press 1.
This selects the Basic Fax Setup menu, then selects the Date and Time


Enter the month, day, and year (last two digits only) by pressing the
appropriate number on the keypad.
The underline cursor presented initially beneath the first digit advances
automatically to each digit after, each time you press a button. The
time prompt automatically appears after you enter the last digit of the


Enter the hours and minutes.
The AM/PM prompt automatically appears after the last digit of the
time is entered.

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set the fax header


hp officejet d series


Press 1 for AM or 2 for PM.
The new time and date settings appear on the front panel.