HP Officejet d125xi - use speed dial entries to send a fax

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use speed dial
entries to send a

When sending faxes to frequently used numbers, consider setting up and
using speed dial entries. Using a speed-dial entry lets you send a fax by
pressing just a few buttons. Speed dial entries do not appear unless you
have set them up first. For more information on speed dialing, see set up
speed dialing
on page 51.


Load your original.


Press the Speed Dial button.

Tip! Alternately, if the speed-dial entry you want to use is in
the first 10 entries, you can use one of the one-touch speed-
dial buttons. You can then press Start Fax, Black or Start Fax,


Do one of the following to locate the desired number:


until the desired speed-dial entry appears.

Enter the number for the speed dial entry using the keypad.

Access one-touch speed-dial buttons.

Turn Auto Answer on/off.

Use keypad to dial fax
numbers or enter text.

Start fax.

Redials the most recently
dialed number.

Change the resolution of
the fax.

Scroll through speed-dial entries.

You must use the automatic document feeder (ADF) for
multi-page faxes.

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schedule a fax


hp officejet d series


When the speed-dial number that you want appears, press Start Fax,
or Start Fax, Color.