HP Officejet d125xi - send a color fax

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send a color fax

You can send and receive color faxes to and from other color fax machines.
If you attempt to send a color fax to a recipient who has a black-and-white
fax machine, your HP OfficeJet sends the fax in black and white.

To ensure the best quality when sending faxes in color, we recommend that
you use a color original rather than a color copy if possible.

In addition, you cannot send a color fax to a group using the speed-dial
features. To fax in color to a group, send the fax from the computer. For more
information, see send a fax from your computer in the onscreen User’s


Load your original.
For more information, see load originals on page 15.


Enter the fax number using the keypad, speed dial button, or one-
touch speed-dial buttons.


Press Start Fax, Color.