HP Officejet d125xi - send a fax

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send a fax

Your HP OfficeJet lets you send a fax in a variety of configurations. These
include the following:

Sending a paper fax (legal, letter, or A4) using the front panel or

Sending a paper fax with a computer-generated cover page using the

Sending a computer file with or without a cover page using the

Sending a computer generated cover page as a single-page fax using
the computer.
See the onscreen User’s Guide for more information about sending
faxes and creating cover pages using your computer.

See the illustration that follows to reacquaint yourself with the buttons in the
Fax area of the front panel.

By default, your HP OfficeJet prints a report only if there
is a problem with sending or receiving a fax. A
confirmation message indicating that an item was
successfully sent appears briefly on the front-panel
display after each transaction. If you need printed
confirmation that your faxes are successfully sent, see
print reports on page 49 for information about report

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use the fax features


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