HP Officejet d125xi - reprint the faxes in memory

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reprint the faxes in memory

Your HP OfficeJet can store a limited number of fax pages in its memory,
with the number of pages depending on the model you purchased. When
your HP OfficeJet runs out of memory to store faxes, it will not receive any
more fax calls until the stored faxes are printed.

Reprint Faxes in Memory enables you to reprint a fax stored in memory. For
example, if your ink cartridge runs out of ink or paper becomes jammed
when printing a fax. This option prints all faxes in memory; press Cancel to
stop printing faxes you do not need.


Press Menu.


Press 2, then press 5.
This selects the Fax Functions menu, then selects the Reprint Faxes in
The faxes are printed from memory.