HP Officejet d125xi - receive a fax manually

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receive a fax

Before manually receiving a fax to your HP OfficeJet, we recommend that
you remove any originals from the glass.


Press the Auto Answer button until the green light is off.
This disables the automatic answering feature.


When your HP OfficeJet rings, pick up the handset of a telephone that
is on the same telephone line as your HP OfficeJet (a handset can be
plugged into the back of the HP OfficeJet using one of the RJ-11
accessory ports).


If you hear fax tones, do one of the following:

Press Start Fax, Black.

If you are receiving from an extension phone (on the same
telephone line as your HP OfficeJet, but not connected directly to
it), press 1 2 3 on your phone. Wait for the fax tones, then hang
up the telephone.