HP Officejet d125xi - enter text

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enter text

The following list provides tips for entering text using the front-panel keypad.

Press the keypad numbers that correspond to the letters of a name.

Press a button multiple times to see a letter first in lowercase and then
in uppercase. The first letter of a word is set to uppercase

In Hungary, the subscriber identification code (fax
header) can be set or changed only by authorized
personnel. For more information, contact your
authorized HP dealer.

These letters correspond to this number, and so on.



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use the fax features


hp officejet d series

After the correct letter appears, press

, then press the number that

corresponds to the next letter in the name. Again, press multiple times
until the correct letter appears.

The cursor automatically advances to the right 1.5 seconds after the
last button is pressed.

To insert a space, press Space (#).

To enter a symbol, such as @, press Symbols (*) repeatedly to scroll
through the list of available symbols, which are: *, -, &, ., / (), ‘, =, #,
@, _, and !.

If you make a mistake, press

to clear it, then make the correct


After you are done entering text, press Enter to store your entries.