HP Officejet d125xi - print two originals on one page

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print two
originals on one

You can print two different letter- or A4-sized originals on one page using
the 2 on 1 feature. The copied images will appear side by side on the page
in a landscape format. You can use the automatic document feeder (ADF) to
load the originals or place them directly on the glass.

You cannot collate when making a 2 on 1 copy. Clipping may occur with
legal-size originals.

This feature can be used with the Two-Sided Copy button to make 2 on 1,
two-sided copies. See make two-sided copies on page 33.


Place the first original on the glass. If you are using the ADF, load both
originals there.


Press Special Features until 2 on 1 59% appears, then press Enter.


Press Start Copy, Black or Start Copy, Color.


If you placed your first original on the glass you will be prompted to
Place 2nd original on glass, then press Enter.