HP Officejet d125xi - make twosided copies

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make two-sided

The Two-Sided Copy button on the front panel lets you automatically make
two-sided copies from single-sided or double-sided originals that are letter-
or A4-sized.


Load your letter- or A4-sized originals in the ADF.
You cannot make two-sided copies from legal-sized originals loaded
in the automatic document feeder (ADF).


Press the Two-Sided Copy button.


Choose one of the following by pressing

until the desired setting

appears and then press Enter.

1-sided original, 1-sided copy
This option produces a standard single-sided copy from a
single-sided original.

1-sided original, 2-sided copy



You can make two-sided copies automatically only if
your HP OfficeJet has an HP two-sided printing
accessory. The two-sided printing accessory is standard
equipment with some models or can be purchased

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use the copy features


hp officejet d series

This option takes 2 single-sided originals and produces a
two-sided copy.

2-sided original, 1-sided copy
This option produces single-sided copies of a two-sided original.

2-sided original, 2-sided copy
This option produces a two-sided copy from a two-sided original.


Press Start Copy, Black or Start Copy, Color.