HP Officejet d125xi - reduce or enlarge a copy

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reduce or
enlarge a copy

You can reduce or enlarge a copy of an original using either the Reduce/
button or the Special Features buttons. This section explains the
Reduce/Enlarge features only.

For more information about Special Features options, see perform special
copy jobs
on page 30 for information about using Fit to Page, Which Size?,
Poster, 2 on 1, Margin Shift, or Mirror.


Press Reduce/Enlarge to choose one of the following:

Custom 100%— lets you enter the percentage to reduce or
enlarge your copy.

Full Page 91% — lets you reduce an original to 91% of its original
size, which prevents cropping that may occur if you make a full-
size (100%) copy.

Legal/Letter 72% — reduces an original to 72% of its original size,
which lets you copy a legal-sized original to letter-sized paper.


If you are using the Custom option, press


to reduce or

enlarge the copy.
You can also enter a number using the keypad.


Press Start Copy, Black or Start Copy, Color.