HP Officejet d125xi - print a DPOF file

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print a DPOF file

The Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) is an industry-standard print file
request that can be created by some digital cameras. Consult your digital
camera documentation to see if it supports Digital Print Order Format

The DPOF file is stored by the digital camera on a photo card and specifies
the following information:

Which photos to print

The quantity of each photo to be printed


Do one of the following:

If your card is already in the slot, press Menu, press 0, then
press 4.
This selects Photo Card Functions, then selects Print Photos.

If your card is not in the slot, insert the photo card, and press 2
when Save Photos to PC? appears.

You can erase entries by pressing

. As the bottom

line is filled, the data entry field scrolls left to show
the number as it is entered.

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use a photo card


hp officejet d series


When Print What? Use DPOF appears, press Enter.



to select a photo size, then press Enter.



to select a paper type, then press Enter.