HP Officejet d125xi - make a copy

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make a copy

Follow the instructions below to make a copy of your color photo or picture.


Open the lid of your HP OfficeJet and place your picture face down in
the bottom-right corner of the scanner glass with the sides of the
picture touching the right and bottom edges.


In the Copy area of the front panel, press Start Copy, Color.
If you had wanted to save the picture to the computer, you would have
pressed Start Scan. If you had wanted to fax the picture, you would
have pressed the Black or Color button in the Fax area. For this
tutorial, you will continue making a copy.
The default is a single copy. Pressing the Start Copy, Color button on
the HP OfficeJet automatically prints one color copy of the picture on
the glass. If you had pressed the Start Copy, Black button, the
HP OfficeJet would have made a single grayscale copy of your color