HP Officejet d125xi - replace the printheads

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replace the

If you experience print quality issues that cannot be resolved by cleaning
your printheads and you have verified that the printheads need to be
replaced, you may need to replace them. You may also see front-panel
display messages that indicate when individual printheads need to be

See the Support and Specifications booklet for information on ordering
replacement printheads.


Turn on the unit, then open the print-carriage access door by lifting the
handle until the door locks into place.
The print carriage moves to the center of the unit.


After the print carriage stops moving, release the gray print carriage
latch and then lift the print carriage to access the printheads.

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maintain your hp officejet


hp officejet d series

Caution! To avoid damaging the printer, remove a printhead
only when a replacement is available. If a printhead is
removed without being replaced:

Close the print carriage and the print-carriage access door.

Replace the printhead within 24 hours.

Never remove an ink cartridge and a printhead at the same time.


Remove the old printhead by lifting the printhead handle and pulling


Remove the new printhead from its packaging and, being careful to
touch only the black plastic, gently remove the plastic tape.

Caution! Do not touch the copper contacts, the printhead
tower, or the ink nozzles.

removing the plastic tape from the printhead


Match the color on the top of the printhead to the color on the
printhead carriage.

Pull the printhead handle upward

Plastic tape

Printhead tower

Copper contacts

Ink nozzles

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work with printheads and ink cartridges


hp officejet d series


Push the new printhead firmly down into the appropriate slot using the
printhead handle. Do not touch the printhead tower, and do not
remove the printhead handle.


Move the print carriage latch down, and make sure the loops catch
the hooks. Snap the latch into place, then close the print carriage
access door.


After the message appears in the front-panel display, press Enter to
align the printheads.
A page prints to confirm alignment. You can discard or recycle this
page. If the page does not appear, see the Troubleshooting help,
which you access from the HP Director.