HP Officejet d125xi - print a selftest report

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print a self-test

If you are experiencing problems with printing, before cleaning or replacing
the ink cartridges or printheads, you should print a self-test report. This
report provides useful information about both your ink cartridges and your
printheads, including status information, installation and expiration dates,
and ink levels. It is useful to know the ink cartridge expiration dates, so you
can purchase replacements before that date.


Press Menu.


Press 3, and then press 5.
This selects the Print Reports menu, then selects Self-Test Report.
A self-test report is printed for your HP OfficeJet, which may indicate
the source of any problems you may be having. For example, you may
notice that one color does not print evenly across the page, which may
indicate a problem with the corresponding printhead.

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work with printheads and ink cartridges


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