HP Officejet d125xi - load paper

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load paper

Following is the basic procedure for loading paper. There are specific
considerations for loading certain types of paper, transparency film, and
envelopes. After you review this procedure, see tips for loading other types
of paper in the main tray
on page 20 and load envelopes on page 19.

For best results, adjust the paper settings each time you change paper types
or paper sizes. For more information, see choose the paper tray and set the
paper type
on page 22.

If you have the HP 250-sheet plain paper tray, you can load paper into both
the main paper tray and the 250-sheet plain paper tray. If you have the
250-sheet plain paper tray, you should use it for plain paper only. Please
refer to the Accessories guide that comes with the paper tray for information
about installing the tray, loading paper, and adjusting paper-width and
paper-length guides.

Caution! You must also have the two-sided printing accessory
installed to use the 250-sheet plain paper tray.

to load the main paper tray


Lift the output tray up until it catches in the raised position, and slide
the paper-width and paper-length guides to their outermost positions.

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load originals and load paper


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Tap the stack on a flat surface to align the edges of the paper, and
then check the paper for the following:

Make sure it is free of rips, dust, wrinkles, and curled or bent

Make sure all the paper in the stack is the same size and type,
unless you are working with photo paper.


Insert paper into the main tray print-side down until it stops. If you are
using letterhead, insert the top of the page first.
Be careful not to use too much or too little paper. Check that the stack
of paper contains several sheets but is no higher than the top of the
paper-length guide.


Slide the paper-width and paper-length guides in until they stop at the
edges of the paper. Make sure that the paper stack lies flat in the main
tray and fits under the tab of the paper-length guide.


Lower the output tray.


To prevent printed paper from falling off the tray, fully extend the
output-tray extender.

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load envelopes


hp officejet d series

To load the 250-sheet plain paper tray

Review the Accessories guide that came with the 250-sheet plain
paper tray for information on loading paper in this accessory.