HP Officejet d125xi - load originals on the glass

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load originals on
the glass

You can copy or scan any original by placing it on the glass.


Lift the lid and place the original face down on the glass in the bottom-
right corner with the sides of the originals touching the right and
bottom edges.
It is important to use the bottom-right corner when using the copy, fax,
or scan feature.

Tip! If you are copying from a transparency (that is, your
original is printed on transparency film), place a blank piece
of paper on top of the transparency.

Many of the Special Features options, such as
Which Size? or Poster, will not work correctly if the
glass and lid backing are not clean. For more
information, see clean the glass and clean the lid
on page 57.

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load originals and load paper


hp officejet d series


Close the lid.