HP Officejet d125xi - load originals in the automatic document feeder

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load originals in
the automatic
document feeder

Your HP OfficeJet has an automatic document feeder (ADF), which you can
use to load up to 30 originals of the following paper types:

Plain Paper
16 to 36 lb. long grain only

Specialty Paper

HP Premium Inkjet Paper

HP Bright White Inkjet Paper

You can also use the ADF to load the following types of originals, but you
must load them one sheet at a time:

Other specialty papers, such as glossy paper

Overhead transparencies, such as HP Premium Inkjet Transparency

Photo paper, such as Kodak EktaColor Edge-5 (glossy)

Real Estate paper (single sheet only)


Place all originals in the ADF print side up.


Adjust the paper-width guide to fit the size of your original.
A message appears on the display indicating that the originals are

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load paper


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