HP Officejet d125xi - possible installation problems

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possible installation problems

If you follow the instructions in the Setup Poster correctly, you should not have
any problems with the installation of your HP OfficeJet. If you do not follow
the instructions, you may see any of the following problems:

If Microsoft’s New Hardware Found message does not appear
If you installed the HP OfficeJet software first as requested on the Setup
Poster, and you are a Windows 98/2000/ME/XP user, a series of
Microsoft New Hardware Found messages should have appeared on your
screen during software installation.

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additional setup information


hp officejet d series

If the Microsoft messages did not appear, try the following:

Verify that you are using a high-speed (12 Mbps) USB cable and that
it does not exceed five meters in length (16.4 feet).

Verify that the computer is USB-ready. For more information about
determining whether your computer is USB-ready, see your computer’s
documentation or check with the computer’s manufacturer.

Verify that the cable is plugged fully into your HP OfficeJet and
directly connected to the USB port on your computer. After the cable is
connected properly, turn your HP OfficeJet off and then on again.

Turn your HP OfficeJet off and then on again, then restart your

If the previous steps do not solve the problem, remove and reinstall the
software. For more information, see remove and reinstall your
hp officejet software
on page 77.

If the Fax Setup Wizard does not appear
Follow the instructions explained above.

If the New Hardware Message appears (Windows 98, 2000, XP, or ME)
If you set up your HP OfficeJet and connect it directly to your computer
before you install the software, you may encounter one of the following

To avoid errors, install the HP OfficeJet software before you connect the
HP OfficeJet to your computer. If one of the above messages appeared and
you clicked Next or OK, do the following:


Press Esc to exit.


Turn off your HP OfficeJet.

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connect your hp officejet to your computer


hp officejet d series


Follow the software installation steps outlined in the Setup Poster that
came with your HP OfficeJet.

If the previous version installed message appears
If you receive a message that you have a previously installed version, you
will not be able to finish installing the HP OfficeJet software.

You will have to uninstall the previously installed version in order to install
the HP OfficeJet software.

If your computer is unable to communicate with your HP OfficeJet
If communication cannot be established between your computer and
HP OfficeJet (for example, the HP OfficeJet status icon has the yellow error
triangle), try the same tasks outlined under If Microsoft’s New Hardware
Found message does not appear
on page 73.