HP Officejet d125xi - connect your usb port

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connect your usb

Connecting to your HP OfficeJet with USB is straightforward. Simply plug
one end of the USB cable into the back of your computer and the other in
the back of the HP OfficeJet.

Should you need to disconnect your parallel adapter
from the HP OfficeJet, press the buttons found on the top
and bottom of the adapter and pull the adapter straight
out. You may need to disconnect the power cord to
access the lower button on the adapter.

Simple Sharing is supported by connecting to the
HP OfficeJet in one of the following configurations:
HP OfficeJet to two Windows computers or HP OfficeJet
to two Macintoshes. You cannot mix platforms, that is,
you cannot connect the HP OfficeJet to both a Windows
computer and a Macintosh.

There can be up to 10 client computers on the network
portion of the 200m print server connector and USB

what works

what does not work

Plugging into the USB port on your

Plugging into the USB port located
on the keyboard

Plugging into a powered hub that is
connected to the USB port on your

Plugging into a non-powered USB

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remove and reinstall your hp officejet software


hp officejet d series

connecting to the USB port on your computer